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Shingles are designed to protect against the weather, but the wind, rain and hail that often accompany a storm can cause damage. It's also important to remember that not all storm damage is obvious and that hidden damage can cause problems weeks or even months after a storm.

It takes more than just shingles to protect your home. It takes an integrated system of components and layers designed to withstand the forces of nature outside while controlling temperature and humidity inside.

Composition shingles are a very popular choice for roofing, because of their economy, and the wide variety of patterns and colors available.

high winds

High winds can tear and remove shingles, leaving the roof deck, underlayment or old shingles from a previous roof exposed to the elements.


Wind can also lift and curl shingles by breaking the seal that bonds them together, leaving your roof vulnerable to wind-driven rain.


Hail can leave dents or pockmarks in shingles, dislodging the protective granules that protect against rain and sun damage.


Design Envy USA Inc. can help you upgrade your home with the many siding options now available.

You want siding and gutters that will create an even better look. You also want them to last and to provide you with long-term protection. It’s important to find products that meet your style, budget and maintenance requirements as well.

Design Envy USA Inc. offers you a diverse selection of products from a range of reliable and innovative manufacturers. Giving you the affordable, low-maintenance siding and gutters enhance the beauty and durability of your home.


Design Envy USA Inc. have many options window manufacturers. We proudly represent Andersen®, Marvin®, and Pella®. All three products have great appearance and they are the leaders in technology. Not only do they look great, but also perform to the standards you would expect.

There are many parts and pieces to a window, including the glass, but it goes way past that to make a good window great. The locking features, weather stripping, insulating value and spacer systems are often overlooked–but these are just as important as the glass. The manufacturers of the product lines we carry have considered all the parts and pieces of the window. These product lines are the leaders in design, efficiency and warranties.


Gutters play an important part in protecting our homes from water infiltration and damage. Correctly installed, your gutters can prevent many disasters from happening. Gutters can keep our basements dry and they can keep water flowing away from our home’s foundation. Gutters are not all the same. There are different sizes of gutters and down spouts to fit specific the needs of your home. We make sure that gutters are made to the exact size needed on the home, no seam, no chance for leaks. We ensure that all gutters are pitched correctly so that maximum amount of water is removed from your roof and moved away from your foundation.

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